Sen. Syverson Says Lawsuits Against Lockdown Are Based In Frustration

May 1, 2020


Illinois State Senator Dave Syverson said the lawsuits against Governor J.B. Pritzker’s stay-at-home order reflect frustration with the lockdown.

Syverson admitted Pritzker and other State officials didn’t have as much information about COVID-19 when they first formulated the stay-at-home order.  The lawsuits, he said, are in response to a perception that State leaders aren’t listening to the concerns of constituents. Syverson said this particularly applies to small businesses. 

“I think clearly people are realizing that as long as they’re social distancing and masking and cleaning that this problem has been overplayed and it’s time to reopen and they need to do that." 

Syverson said now that there’s more information available about COVID-19, leaving big box stores open while closing small businesses seems arbitrary, as well as the potential reopening date of June 1st.