Schock Keeping Travels In-District

Mar 17, 2015
Originally published on March 17, 2015 3:30 pm

Congressman Aaron Schock (R-IL) said he takes his responsibilities seriously, which is why he brought in a team to review his finances and make recommendations.

Schock has been in the spotlight lately because of reports questioning how his office spent taxpayer money.

“I do my best to represent the district and make decisions that I think are in the best interest, whether it be how I get around and travel and make sure I can get to as many places as possible when I’m back in the district,” Schock said.

He's unsure when the financial review of his six years in office will be complete.

Schock made his comments during a stop in Macomb for what he referred to as holding "roaming office hours."

He said it's an opportunity to share what’s going on in Washington D.C. and also get an update on what’s going on in the district.

“When I am out in the district, as you saw today, what people want is, ‘Are you engaged? Are you working on the issues relevant to our district? Are your votes out in D.C. consistent with our priorities and our positions?’ And I think voters see that,” Schock said.

While in Macomb, Schock met with Mayor Mike Inman and representatives from Pella and Amtrak. Schock also heard from NTN Bower about the company’s concerns regarding an expansion of operations in Alabama.

In addition, he discussed the common core standards and the No Child Left Behind program with school administrators.

Schock toured the two-bay greenhouse at Western Illinois University where the school is conducting research into Pennycress, a winter crop that could be used for biofuels.

He committed to finding federal funding to help pay for building additional greenhouse bays near Western’s Harry Mussato Golf Course.

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