Rockford School Board Write-In Race Determined By Card Draw

Apr 26, 2017

Anthony Dixon won the race for a seat on the Rockford School Board with a Queen of Clubs.  

Eight write-in candidates battled it out for the sub-district A seat in the April 4 election.

Brandi Brown drew the Five of Hearts, but Anthony Dixon pulled the Queen of Clubs to win the Rockford School Board seat from Subdistrict A.
Credit WNIJ/Susan Stephens

Tuesday, the winner was determined by flipping over two playing cards at the Winnebago County Administration Building in Rockford.

According to letters sent to Dixon and fellow write-in candidate Brandi Brown, a total of 517 ballots cast for the eight write-in candidates in the April 4 election resulted in a tie.

Dixon, a senior collector for the Illinois Tollway, is the father of seven children. Brown is the mother of three Guilford High School students.

Brown led Dixon by five votes the day after the election.

No one initially filed to run for the seat, so voters had to write in the names of their chosen candidates.

Brown plans to call for a recount.