Rockford Police Complete Change To A New Look

Jan 16, 2016

The Rockford Police Department will completes its transition to single-color uniforms this weekend, part of a national trend of police departments to standard navy blue uniforms.

Rockford Police officers model the new all-navy blue uniforms.
Credit Rockford Police Department

All sworn officers -- from patrolman to chief -- will be outfitted the same regardless of rank. Command staff is indicated by bars or stars on the collar, and insignia on the left cuff which represents years of service for each officer. Each hash mark signifies five years of service.

Rockford Police Department patches are prominently displayed on the left and right shoulders of all shirts.

The darker uniforms offer a more consistent, professional appearance, the ability to conceal stains and wear and tear, and serves as a morale boost.

The $40,000 cost of the change comes out of the uniform budget. Officers will be issued three long sleeve and three short sleeve uniforms.