Rockford Mayor Says COVID-19 Isn't Slowing Down City Services

Apr 9, 2020

Credit City of Rockford

Rockford’s mayor says city services have remained relatively uninterrupted during the pandemic. 

Mayor Tom McNamara said a key measure early on was making sure staff could take care of themselves and loved ones.

“Where we provided all staff 14 days of paid sick leave to ensure that none of them were coming to work or doing work while they were sick, or while they had a family member who was sick with COVID-19, so that they could focus on what was most important to them, which should be their family.”

Once social distancing was expanded, the City provided equipment so that a large percentage of staff could work remotely. McNamara praised current staff efforts. 

“Our staff has just done a remarkable job on the face of this adversity. [I’m] really proud of the work that they’re doing, and I think all Rockfordians should be proud of the civil servants that they have working for them at the City of Rockford."

These include departments such as permitting, public works, and public safety.