Residents Learn More About KishHealth Acquisition

Jan 20, 2016

DeKalb County residents got the chance to learn more about the recent deal between two northern Illinois health systems.

Late last year, KishHealth System joined Northwestern Medicine. It wasn’t a cash deal. For Northwestern, it could mean more patient referrals. For Kish, greater access to services among six hospitals and 90 facilities. State health regulators approved the deal last fall.

KishHealth discontinued in-patient mental health services several years ago. That will not change under the new system. DeKalb resident Donna Bennett says that’s a problem.

“So many of these people are not even in shape to be transported, and certainly not for their relative to take them.”

Joe Dant is Vice President of Business Development at Kish Health System. He says local patients will still have access to care.

“Our mental health capabilities have grown by leaps and bounds—now… again… they have grown in the out-patient sector.”

Kevin Poorten is President and Chief Executive Officer of Kish. He says his goal is to keep a community feel for patients receiving care.

“The whole purpose behind Kish becoming part of the Northwestern Medicine family is to find the best of both--to find that balance so we keep the history and the legacy and the culture that makes Kish, from our standpoint, so special over the years, but to do that now within the context of the larger healthcare system.”

During the meeting, residents asked hospital officials to continue to communicate with the community about the future of the health system.

KishHealth System is an underwriter of Northern Public Radio