Report: Illinois treasurer OK'd raises for dozens

Dec 22, 2014
Originally published on December 22, 2014 6:49 am

A published report says outgoing Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford gave pay raises to dozens of employees over the past year. 

Raises for the 25 nonunion employees ranged from 8 percent to 36 percent. Rutherford's office also awarded nearly $90,000 in one-time payments to 35 nonunion employees at the end of October. That includes his former chief of staff who received an extra $10,000 payment.  

Rutherford spokeswoman Mary Frances Bragiel says the salary increases and one-time payments were based on performance, job changes and added responsibility. 

However, union officials have criticized the moved. 

Rutherford's single term as treasurer ends next month. He ran for governor instead of seeking a second term, but he lost in the four-way primary. 

Treasurer-elect Mike Frerichs' spokesman declined comment. 

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