Rep. Bustos Stresses Importance Of Next COVID-19 Relief Package

Feb 25, 2021


Illinois U.S Representative Cheri Bustos says it’s imperative that the U.S. House pass the next COVID-19 relief package.

The bill is known as the American Rescue Plan and will provide various forms of aid. Bustos said this includes funding for cities to address deficits and immediate need.

"Towns like Peoria having to not fill Fire Department jobs. In Rockford, they weren’t able to purchase new fire and police vehicles."  

Helping the economy is another aspet of the aid package. She said more than 10,000 businesses in her district had applied to the Paycheck Protection Program.

“That’s why this package that we’re voting on tomorrow provides an additional seven-and-a-quarter billion dollars in Paycheck Protection Program funding and expands eligibility for the program.” 

The House votes on the measure Friday.