Rauner Visits Loves Park During Statewide Budget Tour

Jun 2, 2016

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner joined a number of local lawmakers in Loves Park to address the budget situation.

Gov. Rauner addressing the public today at the Winnebago/Boone County Regional Office of Education
Credit Phil Masterton / WNIJ


The officials didn’t hold back. Rauner was already quoted as saying the spring session of the General Assembly ended in “stunning failure.”

Over the last few days, Rauner has been criss-crossing the state to draw attention to his disappointment.

He made a stop Thursday morning at the Winnebago/Boone County Regional Office of Education.

He added the super majority Democrats that control the General Assembly are guilty of “dereliction of duty.”

Rauner then provided a list of reasons as to why he feels that way.

“They failed to pass a budget. They failed to pass reforms so we can grow our economy and create more good paying jobs. They failed to pass reforms so we can fix our broken pension system,” Rauner said.

He continued, “they failed to pass reforms so we can begin to work down our outrageously high property taxes that are crushing our homeowners and our small business owners. And they failed to pass reform to repair our broken political system through term limits. They failed in every regard.”

Rauner is calling on citizens to contact their Democratic representatives to urge them not to follow party lines and vote in favor of school funding and a balanced budget.

Earlier this week, Rauner suggested a last-ditch short-term budget plan. Senate President John Cullerton, a Democract, says he's open to that; but there wasn't time to get it done before the end of the legislative session this week. Lawmakers say they will continue to discuss a temporary budget plan.