Putting A Roof Over Your Head (With Gutters)

Nov 16, 2018


Today I am thinking about the “American Dream.” And my gutters — full of limbs, leaves, walnuts and huge seed pods off my locust tree. Stuff that comes with a big part the American Dream — owning your own home. 


Listen to any home-buying fixer-upper TV show: 

“Ohhh, look at that big, beautiful yard.” 

“And those trees. They’re going to be beautiful in the fall.” 

“This deck is amazing. It’s huge.” 

And I love this one: “I must have a built-in pool.” 

Ahhh silly people. That American Dream can turn into a scream. 

Trees are beautiful. They give us oxygen. And leaves, and limbs and twigs … that fill your yard and gutters. Or smash your roof. 

But … no one wants a yard without trees. And who wants a tiny yard? All you have to do is mow it. And fertilize it, or seed it, or weed it, and yes, rake it. 

But mainly mow it — every week — spring, summer and part of fall. 

A mowed lawn is a thing of beauty while relaxing on your huge deck. I’m talking about decks that need regular cleaning, repair and re-staining. My deck formula would be … the smaller the better. 

Even better … no deck. And no pool. 

Yes, pools are fun. Those visiting your home love them. But balance fun vs. upkeep, cost and how often you use the pool. 

OK, I’m just having a little fun … and revealing my laziness. 

I am proud to own my home — a big box full of lifetime memories. 

So … yes, be careful what you wish for. 

But also take comfort in the truth of these quotes: 

“Home is where the heart is.” 

And … “A man’s home is his castle.” 

Oh dear. Did I say castle? 

Yes, there is something worse than a swimming pool. 

Try a moat. 

I’m Lonny Cain … and that’s my Perspective.