Public Radio 101 Shows Students The Ropes Of Reporting

Feb 10, 2017

WNIJ is dedicated to training the next generation of reporters. Members of our news team spent the last three Monday nights working with Northern Illinois University students as they learned more about what makes public radio special, and how they can get involved in their communities. It’s a class we call "Public Radio 101."

The inaugural class took place last fall.

Graduates are invited to work with WNIJ journalists on projects and stories. They use professional equipment and receive professional guidance in preparing their work.

Participants for the most recent class include: Ibrahim Baig, Ross Beach, Darius Dauzvardis, Nick Decker, Emily Lorusso, Maddee Muuss, and Dana Vollmer.

Public Radio 101 Course Outline

Session 1

Interviewing Techniques / Dan Klefstad

Core Values / Victor Yehling

Five Tiers Of News Coverage / Susan Stephens

Field Recording / Katie Finlon

Station Tour / Staff

Session 2

Story Structure / Victor Yehling

How Sound Makes Your Story Stronger / Susan Stephens and Jenna Dooley

 Writing For Radio And Web / Jessie Schlacks

Building A Studio / Scott Desavouret

Session 3

NIRIS Opportunities / Phil Masterton

Be Prepared To Adjust / Chase Cavanaugh

Vocal Delivery And Speaking Into The Microphone / Staff

Internships And Other Opportunities At WNIJ / Staff