Proposed Illinois School Funding Has A Wide Range Of Money Per Pupil

Apr 27, 2017

No school would lose money under a new school funding plan filed in the Illinois Senate, but additional payments would range from a few cents to more than a thousand dollars per pupil.

Republican State Sen. Jason Barickman, R-Bloomington, released details of his new school funding plan Wednesday.

The spreadsheet posted on his website shows, for example, that suburban Hinsdale would gain $1.50  per child while East St. Louis (where 99 percent of students are low-income) would gain about $260 per pupil.

Limestone, near Peoria, would gain almost $1,400 per child.  Finally, Chicago Public Schools would receive $67 less per child, but a companion bill could restore that amount by paying for teachers' pensions.

Barickman's effort is one of two plans to fix the state's school funding formula. It's also the only one so far to reveal how all the state's districts would be funded.  You can find a breakdown of this spending at Sen. Barickman's website.