Poetically Yours - Ep. 4 - 'Dew On The Rose'

Aug 28, 2020

Welcome to Poetically Yours, where you'll hear the voices of Illinois poets as they share their words about the world around them. This week features Rhonda Parsons. It's called, "Dew on the Rose."

Dew on the Rose

How can we thrive, how can we flower?

if we don’t bathe in the sunlight and drink the water

that turns the City of the Heart into a veritable rose garden?

We’re rocky soil

trees for fire

It’s not supposed to be that way

We, the earth, are living spirits of the Eternal Rose

Let’s turn to the Mother and follow her ways

Look into her eyes of water,

Break through the illusion of separation

flecks of green and shimmering sun mingle with clarity above

behold the beauty of the Divine within

Heaven’s but a breath away

Just like the surrounding pines

Study her limbs swaying to melodious birds

flexibility, strength, grace, the twirl of the green

Can you see her dance casts shadow and lets light in?

Consider her breath

how it cools the swelter

how it stokes the fire

no person

no prairie is caught downwind

what can it say,

but you are me, I am you

unrestrained in Love we be

Admire her posture, how she stands just so,

something about it says I’m with you all day

Can you see her “hello” as a revolution of love moving with her?

She holds a brush in her hand and paints twice daily

A call for pause and reflection

appreciation of beauty

these colors convey

She sends the stars and moon out and I love to see them play

they tell me I can be calm even after a hectic day

“She’s amazing in her movements” those stars say

little do you know it

her revolutions mark the sacred circle of time

I see the confirmation in the twinkle, twinkle

and her eyes like the lake.

I hear it in her breath, subtle over peaks and valleys

There’s a sense of urgency

yet she’s warm as the noon day sun

“Grace is the breeze from the sweltering heat

love is rain seeping through cracked soil”

But you’re wilting in the sun, petals losing color

because you’re not rooted to common ground

Heartache, Struggle, Striving, yearning to be,

Spirit, better life, better world

these elements make the human garden grow


blocking the sun saying yea and nay

without the inner search


tumbling from heavens embrace

labeling things good and bad

don’t you know, it just isn’t so?

When it seems too much

Remember: There’s a lotus in the mud

and roses among the thorns

just turn to the breath

there’s power there

Breathe in through fear's sting

breathe out when doubt looms strong

send out sweet scented thoughts

till the downpour quenches every thirst

till every heart petal opens

Trials and tribulations will cease to alarm

and become dew on the rose

Rhonda Parsons
Credit Photo provided by Rhonda Parsons.

Rhonda Parsons discovered she had a talent for writing when she elected to take creative writing at Hononegah High School. The first assignment was not a poem, but a story inspired by the wind. In an effort to prepare for the assignment, the class went outside, linked themselves together and ran into the wind. She said it was such a unique way to become inspired.  The story was to be read out loud with a piece of music accompanying it. She chose instrumental music and the wind was metaphorical. Hence, the title, Written on the Wind. That story was the first of the positive feedback she received that semester. It encouraged her to continue writing after the semester ended.

Since then, she has received an award from Rock Valley College and the Rockford Writers' Guild, for her book, “If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.” She’s also shared her vision in newspaper editorials and performed publicly at Holy Day celebrations.

Parson said, the reason for her success lies in the words of one of her favorite poets, Robert Frost: "no tears in the writer, no tears in the reader."

She is excited about the opportunity to share her poems with new people. The reason lies in a rather interesting story which occurred several winters ago. She was looking out the window. Most of the ground was covered with snow, except for one green patch. To most people, it would just be grass. However, Parsons said she has been blessed to hear the "voice" of nature. Thus, the grass had a message: the world is waiting for your vision.

Besides writing, Parsons enjoys painting, hiking, meditating, and playing with the family’s chihuahuas.