Poetically Yours - Ep. 3 - 'Today'

Aug 21, 2020

Welcome to Poetically Yours, where you'll hear the voices of Illinois poets as they share their words about the world around them. This week features Leaux of FourPoets, OneMic. It's called "Today."


Today I walked to class
Wind wept
Trees swayed
My jacket grabbed my hand
I stopped and I realized
Life goes on without you
Tears be wind
We wept
Like willows in water
Consider me tsunami
Like tears (tares) in water
Tears came in waves
Trail of tears
Like tear stained faces
But I was also your shelter
you held me during the storm
I gave you ground
Like trees stuck in their ways
You thought you gave me breath
[But fake can't die]
Today I walked to class
Wind wept
Trees swayed
My jacket grabbed my hand
Today I wrote this poem
And realized rain don’t reign forever if you don’t give it a throne
[And you were my downpour]
Today I walked to class
And I stopped and I knew...
Like storm
It’ll pass

Aliya Bailey also known as Leaux.
Credit Picture provided by FourPoets OneMic

Aliya Bailey, who goes by the stage name Leaux The Heaux, is a spoken word artist from northern Illinois. She’s been writing and performing her whole life but started taking her craft seriously in 2013. She's a published playwright from Free Street Theater where she has helped to write and act in original performances. As of late, she cofounded a poetry group called ‘FourPoets, OneMic’ on the campus of Northern Illinois University. When she’s not putting on shows and guest performing, you can catch her and the group competing in local poetry slams. To keep up with her and the group, you can follow her personal Instagram @leauxtheheaux, and the group’s page @fourpoetsonemic.


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