Perspective: What's Scarier Than A Pandemic?

Apr 3, 2020

I open my mailbox with a cleaning wipe.

I wipe down the mail and then smother my hands with sanitizer.

Welcome to my new normal — being abnormal … during this pandemic.

My county has only a few positive cases of COVID-19. But experts say numbers are deceiving and I should not feel safe. It’s most likely here … surrounding me.

Some say this virus monster is invisible. But I see it on TV every minute of every day. In headlines and in wife’s voice when she talks to our sons living in other states. The monster I see is fear. And like the “bug” itself, it’s highly contagious.

I know thousands die every year from the flu. Along with many other diseases. We clearly live with all kinds of monsters. But this one is closing down countries.

So here I stand, strapped with a pump-action bottle of germ-killing goo on my hip.

To be honest, it’s not the virus I fear as much as the devastation it leaves behind. The cleanup after. The recovery. This country already had a raging fever before this virus hit our shores. So I hope the monster fear will not be replaced by the monster rage. Rage that’s fueled by financial pain and ruin, and blame and finger-pointing. 

Some say this crisis will bring out the best of us. Pull us together.

I hope so.

And to all those naysayers saying everyone is overreacting, that the sky is not falling … I say, “Wouldn’t that be great! I hope you are right. I really do.”

I’m Lonny Cain … and that’s my Perspective.