Perspective: What I Learned From An Astrophysicist And An Astrologist

Mar 31, 2020

I imagine there’s an unwritten law in public radio not to talk about astrology, at least in any serious way, but in these trying times maybe there’s an exception.


So I checked in with my favorite stargazer, Rob Brezsny. I have followed his “Freewill Astrology” forecasts, periodically, for many years. His is a whimsical approach, full of anecdotes and mythological references, lighthearted but insightful.


Brezsny refers to our crisis as “The Tumultuous Upgrade or The Disruptive Cure” and notes that the coronavirus is not the only factor in our present state of emergency. His message, like many these days, is focused on the power of interconnectedness.


I’m reminded of the NPR story about the first day of spring this Leap Year. Most of the piece centered on why the date of an equinox will fluctuate. But at the end, NASA astrophysicist, Michelle Thaller spoke about how she finds meaning in things that are beyond the control of humans, and that the only thing we have is each other.


Online the story includes a picture of Earth taken shortly before an equinox. It’s one of those images that makes you pause and take a step back from your little world and its daily minutiae. And what you see is that we’re all on this planet traveling together through vast space -- interconnected, for better, or sometimes for worse. It’s really up to us.


I’m Paula Garrett and that’s my perspective.