Perspective: Welcome To Your (Virtual) Library!

Mar 31, 2021

America celebrates National Library Week April 4th through 10th with the theme “Welcome to Your Library.” As a retired school librarian and a current trustee of the Batavia Public Library, I believe this theme is especially appropriate.  It reminds us that everyone is welcome at the library and encourages us to discover what is new.

Our pre-pandemic experiences may have been of a librarian handing us a book based on a special interest, attending an in-person author event, or learning a new technology.  Although some of these services might be on hold, the pandemic has highlighted a significant opportunity: the virtual library is always open.

For readers, eBooks open up adventures beyond social isolation.

For researchers, online databases provide reference books, newspapers, repair manuals, and genealogical data.

For children, virtual storytimes delight and might be coupled with take-home science and art projects.

For families, media streaming services provide entertainment and education without a subscription.

And for all users, professional librarians provide personalized assistance by email, chat, and phone.

Knowing all the services that libraries provide is quite a challenge.  Explore and you may find that your library notarizes documents, helps with job research, and provides 24-hour wi-fi in the parking lot.

Whether you walk through the library’s physical doors or enter its virtual space, know that you are Welcome at Your Library!

My name is Daniel Russo and that is my perspective.

Daniel Russo currently serves as a trustee of Batavia Public Library.  He is a retired high school teacher, who began his career teaching English and Journalism.  Later he became the school's library director and taught electronic research skills.  He is active in organizations that promote school and public libraries and the diverse ways they support their communities.  He also enjoys tutoring for Literacy Volunteers Fox Valley.