Perspective: We Must, We Can, We Will!

Aug 14, 2019

Journeying home from Minneapolis as newly trained Climate Reality Leaders, our vehicle was bursting with talk, laughter, tears and singing as we shared experiences and exchanged notes for planning future actions.

What really resonated with me is the reality of choice. We still have significant choices -- and the legacy we leave future generations will bear witness to our actions.

We have returned with a new extended family -- a worldwide network -- and a whole new toolkit to share the science, the reality and actions we can all take to save our planet. I have a greater understanding of the complexities of our climate crisis. Just like a human body, our planet has suffered injuries that will linger and affect other systems. Yet, we have ten years -- ten years -- to reverse some damage, prevent further damage, and to work together to adapt to changes already apparent and secure a sustainable future for our children, nieces, nephews and their children, etc.

As my oldest daughter celebrates graduation from her summer internship with Green Iowa, my youngest shared on social media: “I had an amazing time … at the Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training! Despite the paralyzing and horrifying facts pertaining to the climate crisis, I am filled with hope. Having been in a room with over 1,200 climate activists from 46 states and over 50 countries, I know that we can make a difference together. It is time to fight for our futures. I believe that we MUST, we CAN, and we WILL solve the climate crisis!”

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I’m Nina Dulabaum, and that’s my perspective.