Perspective: We Are Not Alone. Now What?

Dec 13, 2018


The recently published Harvard scientific paper suggesting that an alien probe might have passed through our solar system awakens memories of my own DeKalb County UFO experience in the fall of 1974. 


A friend and I were exiting a horse barn south of DeKalb when we witnessed an inexplainable object in the sky.  Let me clearly state that we hadn’t consumed any perception altering products.  We were both immediately afraid of the object that stood still in the sky and changed colors.  In time we decided to make a run for it back to the house and not wait for “them” to come get us!  As we ran down the gravel road, we both observed the object disappear at an incredible high rate of speed leaving only dashes of light in its trail. 

Who knows what the origin was of our spacecraft, and the object that the two Harvard scientists theorized on most likely was not an alien probe, but what will happen when humankind is confronted with undeniable evidence of intelligent alien life?  At a time when we need more cooperation than ever between Nations to address huge issues like gene splicing, artificial intelligence, and climate change we have been retreating to our own patches of earth mostly concerned with only us. 

My hope is that when we are confronted with hard evidence that we are not alone in the universe it will be the catalyst for global cooperation to address potential species survival issues that are currently being inadequately addressed. 


I’m Gregory Taylor and that’s my Perspective.