Perspective: Three Cheers For The Man In The Mask

Aug 17, 2020

Yard signs are beginning to take root now that we’re less than three months away from November 3rd. But the one that caught my attention was not voicing support for a political candidate. It simply said “Fauci.” For me the message was: listen to the people who know their stuff.


We’ve certainly needed a national hero, or at least a competent leader, these past months, and I’m grateful for Dr. Fauci’s indefatigable dedication, even with a science denying hitman snapping at his heels.


To try and decrease COVID-19 infection rates Fauci says we need to be wearing masks correctly and consistently. And yes, I’m aware that initially he did not recommend masks mainly due to concerns of their availability for health care workers. Now that scientists are learning more about the spread of this virus, there is mounting evidence to support the need for them.


Some of us may think of masks as protecting the wearer from other people - unless it’s Halloween and we’re going incognito. But that reasoning is flawed. As a friend likes to say, “assume that You are an asymptomatic COVID carrier and wear the damn mask.”


But what if you’re around people from outside your pod - maybe even a good friend who doesn’t comply or gets careless or forgetful? Time to speak up or go virtual. We’ve got a ways to go.


I’m Paula Garrett and my thanks to Dr. Anthony Fauci for inspiring this perspective.