Perspective: Run Free, Horse Girl

Feb 6, 2020

For the second year, we're turning this week’s Perspectives segments over to Breja Fink's A.P. Language and Composition class at Beloit Memorial High School. 

Everyone’s met her. She may not have been into horses, she may not have even been a girl, but everyone has met the Horse Girl. Maybe she was passionate about a cartoon she might be considered a bit old for. Maybe she had an affinity for a music group that was a little bit out there.  


She's the “weird” girl your friends may reminisce about when recalling your awkward middle school days, the butt of every joke. But why is that?  


Is it fair to tease someone for being adamant about their interests? Horse Girl marches to the clop of her own hooves. It’s easy to poke fun at someone so openly honest with herself. In middle school she stood out as the “loser,” but in truth she’s the greatest winner. Horse Girl, at the end of the day, can say she’s spent her time being truly passionate about what makes her happy.  


As someone who has tip-toed the tender line between Horse Girl and background character, taking trips into both, I can guarantee you you’d be happier running free in the meadow, alongside Horse Girl.  


I’m Tyler Brown, and that’s my perspective.