Perspective: Real Humans

Mar 4, 2019

Trevor Wehner came to class early, every morning. Then, he made his tour of the faculty offices – joking with the staff, sharing bits of news, and always dazzling us with his big and generous smile. That Thursday, his smile was broader than usual as he was excited to start his internship. We were tickled, to learn that his internship supervisor would be Clay Parks, a “once in a decade” alum.

Trevor and Clay were, in many ways, so similar!  They were ambitious, yet grounded. Disciplined, but curiously relaxed. Connectors, relationship-builders, and just wonderful human beings of whom nothing negative could be said. To many of us, they embodied the better angels of our nature. Trevor and Clay challenged us to be the best we could be – real humans.

On February 15, 2019, along with their families, towns, and their schools; the nation lost significant lives; and a little piece of the ‘City on the Hill’ was chipped away. A disease of our own creation is claiming the lives and spirits of so many, leaving behind living victims fearful of studying in our best schools, interning with our best alums, and working in our best organizations. When will we who are lost, be found. When will we realize our blindness and rightfully redeem our sight?

I am Mahesh Subramony and this is my perspective.