Perspective: Parenting Wins

Aug 22, 2019

In my 15+ years as a parent, I’ve long maintained that sharing life lessons and advice and molding and shaping your kids is best done tapas-style, rather than buffet-style. 

Small bites, served often, are more effective than loading your kids up in one shot with an overloaded plate of guidelines they can’t digest. 

One thing I’ve drilled into our kids’ heads is a mantra that President Obama said often to his team during his 2008 campaign and also brought to the White House: Don’t do stupid s***. 

Simple. Powerful. Easy to understand. 

Apparently, our 15-year old son has assimilated that motto. Had a recent exchange with him one Sunday afternoon. 

I was relaxing by the pool at Peak Sports Club and texted him to see if he had plans for the evening. 

He asked if he could go to a party in Rockton and I hit him back with the typical Dad questions; Whose house? What friends are you going with? How are you getting there? 

He came right back with the answers. Impressive, I thought. 

So, I followed up with: will the parents be there? “Of course,” he replied. So far, so good. 

Then, I went in for the big question: what’s my motto? 

And, back he came with “Don’t do stupid stuff.” Wow. Nice work. 

Then, feeling really confident, I went for the bonus round. 

I asked him “and if you ever do do something dumb, who’s the first person you call?” “You,” he replied. 

Alex, for the win. 

Parenting is an ongoing challenge filled with moments of sheer terror, chaos, uncertainty and the ongoing feeling that with every interaction there’s the potential to steer your child to the on-ramp of doom. 

And, that’s if things are going well. 

So, getting the verification from time to time that you might actually be shaping a well-rounded human is nice. 

I’m Wester Wuori, I try not to do stupid stuff and that’s my Perspective.