Perspective: Our Flawed Education System

Feb 7, 2020

For the second year, we're turning this week’s Perspectives segments over to Breja Fink's A.P. Language and Composition class at Beloit Memorial High School. 

School always preaches to students about taking its subjects seriously, yet they are never brought up after graduation.

After we are released into the real world, most of us will not have a clue about filing taxes, paying a mortgage, or fluently speaking a foreign language because they are not as emphasized in our education system.

Foreign language classes matter because the chances of being an exceptional employee are higher with bilingualism. If students learn a foreign language from elementary school, they would be bilingual by the time they reach high school. Language barriers would decrease between English and non-English speakers, thus creating an effective career/job force.

Financial classes could help us plan out future expenses like bills, mortgages, and taxes. If the school system emphasized these, we would be financially literate and capable of handling obstacles. In this way, we would not be led astray due to our lack of knowledge about finances.

Unfortunately, the two best possibilities out of poverty and a successful life are overshadowed by useless subjects that might never be heard of again. Our education system would have a better reputation if we put emphasis on skills that are necessary to one’s daily life.

I may not know how to file taxes, but I can TOTALLY find the square root of 64 and solve for x on 3x=24.

I’m Jasmin Montes, and that’s my perspective.