Perspective: A New Breed Of RINO

Aug 4, 2020

RINO, Republican In Name Only, is a slur used against Republicans who fail one or more extreme right wing purity tests.  It’s likely Reagan, Goldwater, the Bushes, Eisenhower, John McCain and other Republicans icons would be labeled RINOs by the standards of Trumpism.

Here's a new term – PINO. Patriot In Name Only. Examples:

If you disrespect 1st Amendment's free press protections and call

Journalists “Enemies of the People,” you may be a PINO.

If you think protecting our flag is more important than protecting the right

to peaceful protest, you may be a PINO.

If you believe only prayers from your brand of religion should be said at government functions, you could be a PINO.

If you support the 2nd Amendment, but exclude the “well regulated,” part, it’s conceivable you’re a PINO.

If you don’t support justice for all, even people you disagree with, chances are good you’re a PINO.

If you glorify the battle flag and monuments of racists who committed treason against the United States and fired on American troops, absolutely you’re a PINO.

If you claim your freedom includes the right to risk the health of your fellow Americans, there’s no doubt you're a PINO.

Last but not least, if you don’t understand that our democracy requires civil discourse and debate, especially on contentious issues, to survive, yeah, you’re a PINO.

I’m Joe Rosner and that’s my Perspective.