Perspective: How Do We Connect Now?

Apr 17, 2020

When unprecedented change happens, its repercussions seem to overpower anything worth smiling about in the world. But at the same time, with this huge change in society, comes the effort by so many to heal and reconnect, to positively respond to adversity in the best way we know how. 


This past week, my choir teacher reached out to our small choir group, one that had just recently been through the trauma of losing one of our own to a car crash. He spoke of the importance of connections and the realness that comes with being involved in a deeply connected group. He spoke of the power of music in sharing emotions, in bringing joy to even the most distraught. He then requested that each of us share a song that has been especially impactful during this unexpected extended quarantine. The shared clips were more than songs...they were deep feelings. Sadness, confusion, a small flutter of hope. With music we can see the raw emotions of our souls. We can see the small rays of sunshine that come with a few chords. We can see each other maybe better than a face to face conversation. 


This experience reminded me of one with even larger scale impacts. When people across Italy found their way to their balconies and in a moment of unity, sang their national anthem. This country facing immense loss rallied and sought to spread hope in the most worldly way. Through music. They brought smiles and light to people across their nation and even the those who were looking upon this situation and anticipating a parallel in their own lives.  


No matter the situation, the sharing of music can positively impact outlooks, enhance personal connections, and bring us peace because in music we find hope, we find strength, we find unity, and most importantly, we find life. 


I’m Vani Subramony, and that’s my perspective.