Perspective: Entitled

Aug 18, 2020

Recently I took my car to the dealership for service. The entry door was posted: “Face covering required.” Just after I sat down in the waiting room, I heard a loud stentorian voice say:

“Where was the sign that said no one in a yellow shirt has to wear a face mask?”

I was in a yellow shirt. But my mask was up and over mouth and nose.  I looked in the direction of the voice. A 20-something young man wearing a yellow shirt got up and hustled toward the door to the exterior. He was asked again by a man he had to pass to get out the door: “Getting the sign out, huh?”

I looked around me. The woman across the way said “I’m just a nurse but I do not believe the Constitution says you have the right to be comfortable. He ought to try it for 8 hours.”

I confirmed for her that I had a law degree and had never seen anything about “comfort” in the Constitution.

An older man joined the conversation. “I don’t think it says anything about his right to get me sick. We wear these so other people won’t get sick and it isn’t much to ask that they protect me, too.”

A newspaper was lying on an end table. The front page had pictures of President Trump and the Vice President. They, too, were maskless.

I guess they are entitled to get me sick, too.

I’m Karl Winkler and that is my Perspective.