Perspective: Enjoy The Moments

Apr 2, 2021

It's spring! Time to shake off those winter blues and enjoy feeling the warm sun once more.

Now that the snow is finally out of the way, do you look forward to returning to a hobby? Maybe you’re a gardener ready to get your hands back into the soil. Are you ready to get pedaling that bike hiding in the corner of your garage? Or maybe it is time to walk off those pandemic pounds you and your furry friend have gained.

Whatever your pleasure, I encourage you to enjoy those precious moments that tick away faster than we can imagine. Too quickly seasons change, children grow, and weeks pass without much daily notice. Too often we look forward to the end of the work day or to the beginning of the weekend. How often can you say you stopped and enjoyed individual moments during those experiences?

My spring treat is getting back into my kayak. Bobbing in the water, maybe doing a brief meditation to clear my head, and listening to the sound of my splashing paddle take me away from my problems and concerns - at least for a couple hours. In that time, I make it a priority to stop and enjoy the solitude. Life takes on a creative and meaningful time for me. How does your hobby help you to calm your mind and savor the moment?

So enjoy our spring. Bask in the sunlight and make the most of every moment you can! They’ll be gone before you know it.

I’m Wahku Ziel and that is my perspective.

Wahku Ziel is a graduate of Northern Illinois University and Aurora University. Lately, she spends her time hiking with a mask, kayaking at a socially acceptable distance, and failing miserably at remote learning with her children. She also writes on occasion.