Perspective: The Beast In The Jungle

May 24, 2019

The spirit of creation drifts over the surface of the void. I conjure this image and imagine a swelling power withholding, breathing, and reveling in its perfect potential. There is something sublime about the moments before any creation. The palpable silence calling for art to fill its emptiness, if you listen, is everywhere. 


What do we create? Character, careers, legacies, books, paintings, gardens, relationships, and of course, babies. Perhaps anticipating creation is what feeds our hearts, marking the difference between ennui and fond hope for new movement in our souls. 


But when lacking resolution, this suspended animation can thwart growth and creation. Not all ideas should become realities: there isn’t world enough or time. But it’s a mistake to ignore them when inspiration and the heart are calling for action. Procrastination can keep you from grappling with the beast in the jungle. 


To disrupt the silence, engage in the messiness of human enterprise. Utter the first words or make a move; what happens may be surprising. You might realize the idea wasn’t what you thought, or maybe new inspirations will flow forth for the next step. 


As with artistic ventures, life’s narrative requires risk for growth. Taking a long view, even apparent failures are part of making something of ourselves. Some things are worth risking. Don’t avoid them, or that beast in the jungle may ambush you with what you didn’t dare do. 


I’m Bill Gahan and that’s my perspective.