Perspective: This Arrangement Isn't Working

Mar 30, 2021

"This ménage à trois is not working," I informed my husband over the breakfast table.

Of course, the current state of affairs is his fault, because he brought Mimi into the house. Moody, difficult to please and argumentative, she lets her frustrations out on him. Mornings are the worst because she complains loudly, is impatient for breakfast and resentful when her needs are not met. Naturally, he was smitten by her youth and good looks, so he fell for her damsel in distress act.

What a contrast to our previous arrangement with Ben! He fit seamlessly into the evening routine. I would read while we snuggled, and he delicately chewed the corner of my book to get my attention. He was affectionate, caring and undemanding. True, he snored, but it was hardly disruptive. Typically, he spent part of the night with us, and then discretely slipped away to his own room. It was a very cordial arrangement, until Mimi muscled her way in.

In addition to her moodiness, Mimi is a bed hog, forcing me into a cramped position at night. At the crack of dawn, she demands breakfast. Ben was much more civilized because, like Marcel Proust, he rarely got up before noon.

My husband ignores my complaints. It is a most unsatisfactory household arrangement...did I mention that Ben and Mimi are cats? I wouldn't want you to get the wrong idea!

I'm Frances Jaeger, and that is my perspective.