Perspective: All The Wall And None Of The High

Apr 8, 2019

Supposedly, people who run for prolonged periods of time experience a “runner’s high,” a state of euphoria from the intense connection between the mind and the body while in motion. 

Unfortunately, I have never experienced this feeling, but rather a feeling like I’ve hit the ground after running into a wall. Just my luck, I experience the “wall” in running, but never the “high.”

I guess you could say I’m an experienced runner; I run every day, in the bitter cold and extreme hot. This past winter has been especially noteworthy with temps falling to minus 30. It is not unusual for tears to stream down my face and freeze like icicles on my cheeks. So, why do I run every day no matter what? 

Of course, there are the obvious reasons, health benefits, weight control, fresh air, Vitamin D; but I could get all of those just taking my dog for a walk. I guess for me, it’s the one and only time I have complete control of my thoughts and my body with only one thing to focus on -- moving forward.  What if I don’t run tomorrow? Would I be stuck in one spot? Would something happen to me? Would I still be able to run the next day?  I don’t know, I guess this is something to think about tomorrow when I run.

I’m Nikki Safford, and that’s my perspective.