People And Nature Carry On

Sep 19, 2018


Just when you think you have heard it all, another disturbing fact jumps out from your daily news feed. As I write this one of the worst hurricanes in many decades, if not ever, is bearing down on the southeast coast. The Trump administration has eased restrictions on the release of methane into the environment which has been identified as one of the leading causes of climate change. And I could go on and on. 


At the same moment I can look up and spot a goldfinch taking a drink from the bird bath. A goldfinch which weighs less than an ounce will continue its migration of thousands of miles no matter what may be in today’s headlines. 


Today, in many school gardens around DeKalb and Sycamore, children are harvesting the plants they raised from last spring’s seeds. And down the street a 90-year-old man is preparing to put his garden to bed, ending his 80th year of gardening. He has no idea how many pounds of food he has given to those who were hungry. Later this week, the first day of autumn will arrive and the hours of day light will continue to shorten. 


It is reassuring to pause now and then to acknowledge that regardless what may come our way on the world stage, in our own neighborhood, in our own lives, there are examples that people and nature carry on. 


I’m Dan Kenney and this is my perspective today.