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Aug 30, 2019

A mother and daughter, they both teach kindergarten at the same school. They come from a long line of teachers in their family. And this year, the next generation is putting on her backpack to share those same halls as she goes into kindergarten herself.

Also on the show, it's the beginning of the school year for college kids too. And almost half of Illinois students leave the state for college. The competition from out-of-state schools to attract Illinois students is fierce. But despite recent trends and budget shortfalls, Illinois universities and colleges hope they can start to win them back.

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Kindergarten teachers & mother and daughter Mary and Heidi with Heidi's daughter, who is in kindergarten this year.
Credit courtesy of Mary Hartshorn


Educator(s) in this episode:

Mary Hartshorn

Heidi Milner

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People Interviewed For This Episode:

Quinton Clay, Northern Illinois University Director Of Admissions

Ashley Hanson, Assistant Vice President of Admissions at Carthage

Matt Pitstick, University of Alabama Student


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