Ogle County 9-1-1 Lines Back Up, DeKalb County Hopes For Resolution By End of Day

Sep 22, 2016

Credit Flickr User Nadbasher/ CC 2.0

DeKalb County and several surrounding counties are recovering from a 9-1-1 service outage that occurred Tuesday evening. 

As of Thursday morning, DeKalb County is routing 9-1-1 calls through the Sheriff's Office. Officials say the line can only accept one 9-1-1 call at a time, so if callers receive a busy signal, they suggest retrying the number, or calling local law enforcement (numbers are below).  

The system also can't determine caller's addresses at the moment, so officials will be asking for that information upon receipt of calls. 

Ogle County experienced an outage around the same time as DeKalb County, and had to use a similar rerouting system.  However, their lines are up and running as of this morning.  

The Daily Chronicle reports Boone and Stephenson counties were also affected. The Stephenson County Sheriff's office reported that the system is fully operational again and their "rollover" lines allowed them to accept multiple calls when necessary.

An early Facebook post by the DeKalb County Sheriff's Department said Lee County was affected by the outage, but their 9-1-1 coordinator says that is not the case.

The DeKalb County Sheriff can be reached at: 815-895-2155

DeKalb's non-emergency police number is:  815-748-8400

NIU police can be contacted at: 815-753-1212

Sycamore police can be contacted at: 815-895-2123

Genoa's non-emergency police number is: 815-784-2526

Sandwich's non-emergency number is: 815-786-7261 

The Boone County Sheriff's Office is reachable at: 815- 544-9322

Belvidere's non-emergency police number is: 815-544-9626

The Stephenson County Sheriff's Office can be contacted at: 815-235-8252

Freeport police can be contacted at 815-235-8222.