Northern Illinois Health Departments Issue Joint Statement On Risks Of Vaping

Oct 17, 2019

Credit Lindsay Fox/Pixabay

Health departments representing nine counties in the northern Illinois/Rockford region released a joint statement regarding vaping.

The statement comes in the wake of injuries sustained by users of electronic cigarettes and vaping products. Spokeswoman Katherine O’Toole with the Winnebago County Health Department says the increasing prevalence of these symptoms prompts caution.

“What I would say is that we know that lung injury associated with e-cigarette usage and vaping is a concern and that for our region, the northern Illinois/Rockford Region, we wanted to come together to let all our residents know that all nine health departments in the northern Illinois/Rockford region are all urging residents to refrain from using e-cigarettes and vaping products,” she said.

The statement also urges those currently vaping to monitor their symptoms, and not modify their current products. The departments also urge those wishing to quit to call the Illinois Tobacco Quitline.