NIU Students React to School Closings

Feb 12, 2019

All semester long, Northern Illinois University has been fighting a losing battle against the weather. The extreme snow and cold affecting the midwest caused the campus to close multiple times already. Ice forced yet another delay Tuesday morning. Student Max Kersten thinks NIU has made responsible decisions. 

"In [light] of all the closings NIU has done a pretty good job in terms of informing us on when the campus has been closed," he said. "Which gives us time to prepare and still get the material done for our classes on our own."

Some students say it has been nice having the time off and have been able to keep up. Jacob Burren, a Junior communication major, has had a different experience. 

"Oh yeah definitely I mean, the school definitely cares about our safety if they are closing the school this much," he said. "It just makes things a little bit more difficult to progress in the class."

Ice was behind Tuesday's delay at the main campus in DeKalb. But NIU's Rockford, Naperville, and Hoffman Estates campuses remained opened.