NIU Mongolian Throat Singer Brings Sounds Of Nature To Retirement Center

Nov 29, 2016

Tamir Hargana shared his gift of music with the residents of Oak Crest Retirement Center Tuesday afternoon in DeKalb.

Hargana says the public concert was in appreciation for financial support from the Lester K. Smith scholarship fund to continue his studies in DeKalb.

The Northern Illinois University graduate student previously attended Inner Mongolia University Arts College, specializing in Mongolian throat singing and the horse head fiddle.

At NIU, he helped establish the Northern Wind Trio, a fusion band in which "various musical ideas co-exist to foster an intercultural dialogue and exchange."

NIU graduate student Tamir Hargana performs at Oak Crest Retirement Center on Nov. 29, 2016
Credit Jenna Dooley

He played a variety of instruments Tuesday including the horse head fiddle, but much of the focus goes to the unique sounds that come from throat singing.

While the type of music he performs may not be what an American audience is familiar with, he says they are in fact sounds that they have often heard before.

"It is all imitating nature. Everything is imitating nature. I imitate birds, the grasslands, animals and things like that."