NIU Honor Society Aims To Support Funding For Early Literacy Programs

Apr 18, 2017

About 200 members of NIU's chapter of Kappa Delta Pi are launching a book sale to raise money for programs to support children's literacy. 

As part of their annual service project, they plan to use profits to fund outreach programs, like bringing in authors for reading comprehension programs and supporting efforts at the NIU Literacy Clinic. 

Beth Wilkins, an NIU professor who oversees the local chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, says the sale is a chance for people to give back.

“I think people have to continue to do those good things for those around us," she says, "and it’s not just about ourselves any more; it should be about helping others.” 

Wilkins says books at NIU's Gabel Hall sale will be current and of a wide variety.

“There’s something there for everybody," she says. "Everybody likes to read, whether it’s a graphic novel or maybe they want to pick up a book to give to a sibling.”

Wilkins says the books are new and will cost $5 or less. 

The sale is from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. next Tuesday.