NIU Fraternities Square Off In Tug-O-War Tradition

Apr 25, 2017

Ten Northern Illinois University fraternities are in the trenches for a week-long tournament called “Tugs.”

It's been an NIU tradition for more than half a century.

Money raised will go toward a selected charity or non-profit. Devin Joseph, an organizer of the event, says the tradition separates NIU from other campuses.

“Usually tug-o-war is something simple where you pull on a rope with your hands, but this has so many different techniques, different moves, so much that goes into it that makes it what it is," Joseph said.

Fans are fervent, like NIU student Kendall Lydon. She explains why she’s cheering on a certain fraternity.

“This is their year. They’ve been practicing super hard, working on bettering themselves, doing new moves. I think it’s their year to shine," Lydon said.

The competition continues at the Huskie Stadium through Saturday.