NIU Board Of Trustees Approves Student Fees For Northern Star

Dec 11, 2017

The Northern Illinois University student newspaper will begin receiving student fees in order to save the student-operated Northern Star. According to an editorial published this week, the newspaper received student fees prior to 1996 but opted out due to its financial position at that time.

The newspaper cites declining ad revenue as part of the reason for choosing to be included in student fees starting next fall. The NIU Board of Trustees agreed to collect 29 cents per student per credit hour. That equates to about three-and-a-half dollars each semester for many full-time students.

The Northern Star has been in existence for 118 years and circulates 7,000 copies per edition. It currently prints twice a week.

Student reporters in DeKalb are not alone. The Daily Egyptian at Southern Illinois University has faced similar revenue challenges in recent years. Full-time students there pay a $9 fee per semester to support the newspaper.