NIU Board Approves Tuition Hike

Jun 20, 2013

Credit NIU
Tuition is going up at Northern Illinois University. On Thursday, the Board of Trustees approved a 2-percent increase for incoming freshman and graduate students.

Trustee Marc Strauss applauds the administration for proposing a rate hike that stays close to inflation. But he warns tuition hikes alone won't make up for years of declining state aid.     "We know that we're gonna have a relatively stable, traditional revenue stream going forward. But we're gonna have to look at whether there are other revenue streams and what we do for the incoming class in another year" Strauss said.     Outgoing NIU President John Peters says increasing student enrollment and retention will be a critical part of the process.    Under state law, the rate will be locked in for affected students over the course of nine semesters.    Peters Tribute    Meanwhile, the board also granted Peters the status of President Emeritus. He's stepping down at the end of the month after 13 years on the job.