New NIU Stevens Building May Be Open By Next Summer

Oct 4, 2017

Northern Illinois University’s new theater and anthropology building may be ready for students and faculty by next summer.

NIU spokesman Joe King says he walked through the NIU Stevens Building project site recently. He says the difference between the old and new buildings already is astounding, with a large anthropology lecture hall, brighter labs, bigger theater performance spaces and better classrooms all the way around.

King says the renovation project is scheduled for completion by next spring, but not necessarily in time to house classes for either department.

“The construction work may be done, but moving and things like that won’t be completed,” King said.

King says the university has the rest of the money in hand to complete construction for the state project. He says classes will be held in the building by next summer or fall.

King says NIU was also reimbursed the additional costs for weatherizing the building due to the state budget impasse. The project originally cost $27.4 million, but an added $2.4 million was needed for weatherizing after two construction delays because of the budget stalemate.