Matching Grant Means Freeport Art Museum Education Programs Will Stay Alive

Apr 8, 2016

Credit Freeport Art Museum

 A local family foundation has given the Freeport Art Museum a $15,000 matching grant.  The Museum says the grant will save programs that help it fulfill its mission.

Jessica Modica is the Museum’s Executive Director. She says a depressed economy has taken its toll on the institution’s finances.  Modica says a big part of what the museum is about are its educational programs for youth and adults in the community, and those were being threatened.                                                                                                                                                                         “There has been much belt-tightening over the last year to the point where it’s really cutting into our ability to carry out our mission. So it’s a game-changer, really,” she says.

The Museum has until August to raise the $15,000 match.  Modica says several people and a business already have contributed in the first few days since the grant was announced.

“It’s very encouraging to see people come forward, and pitch in and help out, and give what they can,” she says.

Modica says that gives her confidence the Museum can raise the match by the deadline.   She expects others will step up as word gets out about the campaign.