Library Continues To Offer Services During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Apr 30, 2020

Most libraries across the country have closed their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One northern Illinois library is providing services in spite of its closure.

Aurora Public Library logo.

Mariam Meza-Gotto is the communications manager at the Aurora Public Library. She said APL created virtual programs a month ago when it saw an interest from its customers.  

Meza-Gotto said the programs for young children, teens and adults are every Tuesday and Thursday.

“For our children’s program this past Thursday with Miss Sophie, we did a kitchen chemistry. So, she did a little experiment at home,” she said. “With teens, for example, we did a Harry Potter virtual escape room.”

She said the teen program has been difficult to get off the ground. But she said there’s hope with support from middle and high schools.

“For example, we'll be doing an interview with the city to be highlighting these middle schools and high school programs,” Meza-Gotto said.

She says APL has held virtual meditation for adults and on Sundays, adults can take part in a cooking class.

She says that customers can also participate in weekly challenges from the library. This includes a poem challenge and also a "spread kindness" challenge.

Meza-Gotto said library staff are trying to offer many of the same services that they offered in person.

She said information about the virtual programs can be found on the APL website. She also said customers can find other resources. Some include e-learning to help them with their school-aged children and coronavirus crisis assistance. APL has three locations and a bookmobile.