KishHealth System To Join Northwestern Medicine

Aug 5, 2015

The biggest health system in the DeKalb area is joining Northwestern Medicine in Chicago. That’s if a plan wins approval by state regulators.

KishHealth System and Northwestern Memorial Health Care announced they’ve agreed to join together. Their boards issued a joint statement about the proposed merger Wednesday. This means Northwestern Medicine would expand to include a total of six hospitals and 90 locations in northern Illinois.

What’s in it for DeKalb area patients? Mike Kokott, Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Planning at KishHealth, says "should a patient look to us for services they cannot receive here at KishHealth, we are able to provide access really to world class care. And Northwestern is known for clinical innovation and breakthrough research."

Kokott says KishHealth is still a strong system and there was no pressing need for the affiliation: it's just a great opportunity to improve services to the DeKalb area.

The proposal still needs approval by the Illinois Health Facilities Review Board. Kokott says that review will take a few months. Kishwaukee Hospital and other parts of the Kish Health System will maintain their identities for now, and KishHealth’s president Kevin Poorten will stay in place.