Improv Group Brings Liveliness To Virtual Shows

Jan 8, 2021

Comedy provides joy and healing for some people. A northern Illinois entertainment group is keeping the waves of laughter rolling by adapting to the times.   

The GreenRoom Improv has figured out a way to include its virtual audience in their shows.  

David Hunter is the director of the organization. He said it's important to connect with the public, especially during this time. 

“And we almost felt like a calling. Like, we have the unique ability to get people to laugh and get people to enjoy themselves, even in troubling circumstances." he said. "And so, everything we've  been trying to do in the last several months is like, ‘How can we still do this?’” 

Hunter explained that the best way was to have the virtual audience give feedback close to real time by using a chat feature. This fulfils the comedians’ need for instant gratification that comes with a live performance. 

“So, it's so unique that you're participating in it from home. You're not just sitting like watching a Netflix show,” he added. “It's like a live theater show that's happening live. And you're a part of it. And so, it's a unique thing versus something else that's on TV.” 

Hunter emphasized that the show’s comedians are taking COVID-19 precautions for all performances.

The performances are family friendly and children can give suggestions during the show.  

The next virtual show is Saturday, January 9 at 7:00 p.m. Performances take place live from the Raue Center for the Arts in Crystal Lake. Tickets to view it can be purchased at

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