Illinois Valley Murder Case Continues To Move Toward Trial

Feb 1, 2018

The case of an Illinois Valley man accused of murdering his sister-in-law in 2016 continues to move toward trial.

Clifford A. Andersen Jr.
Credit Illinois State Police

Lawyers for Clifford A. Andersen Jr. argued with prosecutors during a Jan. 26 hearing in Putnam County court over the admissibility of text messages he sent to his wife.  The prosecution said that, because they were false statements, they don’t fall under the law of spousal immunity. The judge took the matter under advisement.  

The two sides did agree on testing of physical evidence from the body of the victim, Deborah Dewey.

Dewey went missing in late August 2016.  The Ladd resident’s body was found in mid-September in a shallow grave in Standard, Illinois.  Soon after, Andersen -- Dewey’s brother-in-law and a Standard resident -- was charged with concealing a homicide.  In November, a Putnam County grand jury indicted him for Dewey’s murder.

Another hearing is scheduled March 15. The trial is set for May 8.