Illinois Truck Drivers Will Face Less Stringent Inspections

Jan 2, 2018

Credit Flickr User Marlano Mantel/CC 2.0

Some of the large trucks that share the road won't be inspected as often under a law taking effect in the new year. But those in the industry say it won't compromise safety.

Don Schaefer is with the Midwest Truckers Association. He said trucks that only do business in Illinois will see the inspection requirement go from every six months to just once a year, on par with long-haul interstate rigs. 

"The federal government requires the heaviest running trucks to only be inspected once a year yet we're telling these other trucks, that only go a small percentage of what the other trucks go, that they have to have twice the inspections," he said.

Schaefer says it's more fair to those who work in Illinois as it will save both time and money.  All trucks are still subject to spot inspections along highways when police can pull over a truck and check brakes, lights or other parts.