Illinois Secretary Of State Supports Legislation Mandating School Bus Seat Belts

Feb 15, 2017

Example of a three-point seat belt.

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White says he’s supporting legislation requiring seat belts on school buses. 

The issue has been debated for years, but Secretary of State spokesperson David Druker says it’s time to get serious about further protecting school children.  

"The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration came out for it last year, for the three-point seat belt," he said.  "I think this is encouraging a lot of people to review the issue and to look at it again."  

A three-point belt is typical in car seats.  This is in contrast with two-point seat belts, which are commonly found on airplanes.  Six other states have school bus seat belt laws on the books, and a common objection to such proposals are increased transportation costs for school districts.