Illinois Republicans Find They Have To Balance Governor Support With Addressing Constituent Concerns

Oct 12, 2015

The Illinois budget gridlock continues four months into the fiscal year. Downstate Republicans are finding themselves having to balance support for the Governor with constituent concerns.

Credit State of Illinois

One of those lawmakers is C.D. Davidsmeyer. He says he has his theories of when the General Assembly will negotiate a state budget.

Davidsmeyer says that would likely mean it will be worked out in December at the very earliest. He says little is happening that oculd move the situation toward compromise.

"The people who need to be talking are still not sitting in the room, sitting at that table together,” Davidsmeyer said. “It's frustrating hearing from constituents and understanding that people are actually affected by this and knowing what the road blocks are."

The Jacksonville Republicans says he hears a variety of comments from constituents, from social service providers who need funding to others who feel the state is broken and big changes are needed to get spending under control and create jobs.

He says he's hoping for compromise sooner than later.  But he's frustrated that no high level talks are taking place. 

Davidsmeyer says he understands both sides will have to give a bit.

"Being very realistic, in the short term I think there probably is a need for revenue,” Davidsmeyer said. “Especially with the backlog of bills. We probably have got maybe 4 to 4.5 billion dollars of unpaid bills right now."

But Davidsmeyer also says a tax increase won’t solve all the problems. He says Democrats have thrown a road block in the path of negotiations with the governor that could end the impasse.